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Helping Where We Can

The cease of business of a photography company in Perth has come to our attention.

We're not here to comment on the way they do business, however we do want to step forward and offer our help to the Brides and Grooms of Perth who have been left in the dark regarding the photography of their very special days.

At this moment, there are two ways we can help:

  • If you've recently had your wedding shot by this company and are able to get hold of the RAW files (you'll be looking for files typically ending with .cr2, .dng.raw or .nef) we can help you post-process them. This would involve retouching, colour grading and getting your memories ready to share or print, either for framing, canvas, metal print or in one of our Italian hand-made wedding albums.
  • If you booked your wedding and are now looking for a photographer, please get in touch. We understand that a large number of their customers have paid substantial deposits and that there's a chance they may not be able to recover their money so we'll do whatever we can to assist. As we operate Rock Paper Scissors in addition to working our day-to-day full time jobs, we tend to not take on as many bookings, however when events like this occur we'll always put our hand up to help out.

If you'd like to reach out, please email us or get in contact through our Facebook Page.

This isn't the first time we've stepped forward as photographers to help brides and grooms left in the dark with their wedding photography and we'll continue to help should this ever happen again.

From the bottom of our hearts, we're sorry to hear of this situation, but as mentioned above, we're ready to help.

— Adam and Kylie

© 2020 Rock Paper Scissors Photography